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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Arts blog

Arts blog
Trip to town
On Monday our class went to the central city which was exciting for most but I live in the city so nothing was new for me. We went to the Art Gallery and there we saw a single pin on a canvas and when we went to the Margaret Mahy playground we got to play. We also got to see some sculptures and murals.

I think the trip would've been even better if we had more time at the play playground.

I wonder what the pin meant or if it meant anything at all.

On Thursday my group and I made a song with things in the class.
 I got two wooden rulers and rubbed them together Harry bounced a basketball and Larrisa shook a shaker that she made with sprinkles.

I think our song was the best because we did not just have drums.

I wonder what else we could do if we had more time?

On Thursday we got put in groups and my group did drama in the middle of the whole the we had to go and perform to another class because a kid in our group was not participating so that was annoying. We had to be a ballerina, robots and rockstar.

I think the thing in front of the class was embarrassing but it was ok.

I wonder what the class thought about our performance?

Activity: coin run piggy bank
Who with: Sean and I 
Where we will work: art table in room 13
What we need: tin can and plastic tube, craft knife and a hot glue gun and hot glue ,drill 
Steps 1. Cut tube in half on a angle     2. Glue both together in a v shape     3.cut hole in tin with a drill . 4. Slide tube in hole and glue it after that spray paint it.
Our key competency is to share responsibilities and relate to others.

This term we have looking at sculptures and we even done some research about a chosen sculpture. 

Sean and I got in a group and started make a coin run piggy bank.

First of all I went to Darren and got the tin cut, Then I cut the plastic tube in half and I glued it on. We spray painted it but it was not finished because it did not stand up so I took it home and finished it off. 

If I was to change anything I would get my buddy to do some more.

Today we started taking photos to try capture the heart of Waimairi our school we got to take selfies with a buddy and then we had to take a photo that we think shows the heart of Waimairi.

I think we need to take more class relatable things not selfies of us and our besties.

I wonder how everyone's photos capture the heart of Waimairi?

Calendar art
For my calendar art I did the Jordan's logo because I like basketball it is so fun and it is my favourite sport. We got the choice of a silhouette like I did, a tukutuku pattern or a paper maché sort of thing. How I made it was I got a image and then I sketched it out and coloured it in, then stuck it on the coloured paper what went well is the sketched.

Money shot
This is my money shot. I think this is a photo that captures the heart of Waimairi school because it shows everyone working in the classroom and I think it shows hard thinking and determination.

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