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Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Fishing (SIGH), I have NEVER had a good time fishing. Well, not never, but I have not had a good experience with fish and it is NOT MY FAULT

When I hear we are going fishing most of the time I want to run to my room and hide in my bed with my teddy. Here is why:

I was once on a scenic tour on a boat over in Akaroa just this year on a camping holiday with my mum Lu. The man taking the tour bought along a fishing rod. On the the way back my brother and I had already caught a barracuda each and those fish were big like this big. Then a kawai took the bait. - the plastic fish with the sparkly firework looking in its mouth - at least that's what the bait looked like to me. The game was, on but I was standing beside watching my brother. The kawai won. I asked my brother, Finn, why the fish got off the hook. Fin said “he got exhausted” (eye roll) and what is EVEN worst is he stopped reeling the fish in the middle of the whole thing.

Another Bad fishing experience I can complain about, anyway, my Mum Lisa, my brother Finn and I were near Picton (at Anakiwa to be precise), fishing off a wharf. The biggest tug of the day was on my line! My face lit up and and I managed to reel it in. I was soooo proud that I, yes I had caught the fish that was 30 cm long or bigger. (Just in case you do not know, 30 cm is the size that it has to be to take home to eat.) My mum told me to keep it on the line to take a photo and after what felt like 3 hours of photos the fish jumped off :’(. I cried. I felt like running away. I was heartbroken, and still to this day I think about the fish that could've been in my tummy that night in the tent.

My 3rd and last fishing tale, we were still in Picton and we were kayaking and when we got far enough out we got out the fishing line and the bait which was a squid which is basically cannibalism if you think about it because a fish from the sea is going to be eating another fish species from the sea, anyway as soon as the hook hit the bottom a fish caught on. I reeled it in and we paddled into land to cheek the size. The fish was 29 CMS LONG! (Which is to small to keep) I was sad, really, really sad.
Fishing (SIGH), I have NEVER had a good time fishing and see, IT IS NOT MY FAULT!!

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