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Sunday, 2 July 2017


Science blog
Week 8 
What is force.
Force is a way of power that can be used as a movement, you either have a push force or a pull force, a push force is where a balloon is let go it starts applying a push force and it propels across the room. An example of a pull force is in a tug of war game, where both teams are pulling as hard as they can and making tension together. A force can make an object change shape like a hot knife through butter. Gravity is one of the strongest forces that keeps everyone one earth. The gravitational force from the moon is a secondary force that makes waves occur but the earth's gravity keeps water on earth. 

Balloon rocket 
Today Hamish, Cooper, Jacob, Thomas R and I worked on our balloon rocket to make these rocket balloons you will need a straw string tape and a balloon you tape the string to  solid object then thread the other end of the string through the straw and tape up that end of string to another solid object. Blow up the balloon tape to the straw and let go and go again and again. We changed some variables to make the rocket better like more balloons but that made it worse logger string different balloons. We changed to one torpedo balloon and it went faster than 4 party balloons. We proved that the torpedo balloons are much faster, when the string length was 3m and we used a normal party balloon our fastest time was 0.98 seconds from start to finish, when our string length was 7.5m and we used torpedo balloon our fastest time was 1.08 seconds from start to finish. The torpedo balloon flew further in basically the same time. This activity uses a push force when the balloon is let go and applies a force that propels it along. 

We learnt that the torpedo balloons are much faster than normal party balloons the reason why this is true is because it is more aerodynamic and the air comes to faster. I wonder what would happen if the torpedo balloon x2 size would it be faster?

I can use this learning to make a playground that shows push and pull with your everyday playground things.

Week 7  15/6/17
Today Hamish, Leon, Oliver, Cooper and I made a mini golf course out of pens pencils, pencil cases, wood and glue sticks we all got it in the ball in the cups it took a some time to get the hang of it. I learnt that the best angle was about 40 degrees to hit up the side of the ramp for it to fall down to go in the cups. Something tricky for us was the ramp was thin & the ball fell off because it was made of a ruler. I wonder if I made the gap bigger in the jump that I made would the ball still make it over?

Week 6
I today I had the choice of a chair pulley, basketball bounce or a ping pong ramp, I chose the chair pulley that takes a basket from one chair to another. I did this with Leon and Ollie N first, we were doing what everyone was doing which was a 180 degree angle. Then we decided to experiment & made some changes. We tried it on a 45 degree angle. We found out that you can do a chair pulley on a 45 degree angle and it will still work, as well as it does at a 180 degree angle. I found it very tricky to tie the knot to make a full loop.  I wonder if you can do a vertical pulley up a tree?

Week 5
Rocket balloon Hamish and I made the the rocket balloons made of string tape a balloon and a straw and we got the second best time from start to finish we got about 0.65. We got it right the first time. Hamish and I work at the jelly bean table.  We found out that the less air in the balloon the more acceleration the reason this is true is that the pressure comes faster and it is a burst of the last air there is. I wondered if there was a straw in the balloon will it go faster because less space for pressure to come out. At the end of the session kiri came around and gathered the data for our best time, string length, balloon size,

Week 4
Catapult Oliver Jackson and I made catapult out of Popsicle sticks rubber bands 
and spoons we band up sticks of 4 Popsicle sticks each put the logs together then put a spoon on the log on top and then we are ready to fire with ammunition being cotton balls ours sort of work I think our ball went 30cm . I learnt that if you rubber bands on the cotton ball it will go further than a normal cotton ball. I wonder if we change the size on the catapult x2 will go further. 

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