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Thursday, 6 July 2017

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Week 9/10 Reflection 
These two weeks Hamish, Sean, Sam and I a designing a model of a playground. What is working well is that we are finished and it turned out pretty good. A struggle for me was that not everyone in the group pulled their weight. An improvement I could make would be to organise my group better and give them specific jobs to do and a time frame. My next step is to work with a person that is at the same level of working standard.

Week 9/10 
This week Hamish, Sean, Sam and I worked on our playground that I shows how everyday playground equipment uses push and pull.

I learnt that sometime our group get side tracked and don't help/ do their part. I also learnt that I should not let as many people use my hot glue gun. 

I wonder what would happen if our whole worked on the project at one time would we get work done.

Seesaw steps:1 get supplies. 
2 glue bottom layer of popsicle sticks together. 
3 glue the skewer in the middle of the popsicle sticks.
4. Get something that's a triangular shape to make it rock up and down.
5. Stick it on the base.

Flying fox steps: 1 get supplies
2 make a stand from pop sticks and stick the string to it.
3 make a climbing wall to get up to the flying fox.
4 put the seat on the string and make a stand for the other end.
5 stick it to the base.

Mouse wheel steps:1 get supplies 
2 glue  popsicle to the inside of can.
 3 slide toilet roll into can. 
4 cut some card to shape then glue to stop toilet roll coming out. 
5 glue to base   

Pond/pool steps:1 get supplies 
2. Hot glue plastic together.
 3 paint the plastic blue. 
4 stick to base 
5 put pebbles around the side. 

Slide steps:1 get supplies
2 fold the paper into the shape of a slide
3 glue popsicle stick to same size as paper.
4 glue the popsicle sticks on as the side 
5 glue to base and tower

Basketball hoop steps:1 get supplies
2 stick pop sticks and cardboard together to make the pole and backboard.
3 stick the wire to the backboard to make the rim.
4 stick the net to the wire.

Swing steps:1 get supplies. 
2 glue sticks into v shape with a little bit of space to put a skewer in and do it twice.
3 glue a skewer to connect them together. 
4 glue two pieces of string a cap and do it again. 
5 glue string to skewer and glue to base.

Bench in steps:1 get supplies
2 make a L shape with the pop sticks.
3 make the stools and stick them on.

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