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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Term 1 arts reflection

During term one we have been focusing on beat. Our main learning was about ‘pumanawatanga’ which is the strong vibe of our learning area. An example of this is when we are all writing it would be quiet but when we were at maths it would louder because we would be discussing ideas with our maths buddies. We were learning about the elements of music and we made a musical performance, about what we do on a Tuesday and what our class sounds like at that time. We have Discovery on Tuesday so we went through all the activities we do at discovery time. We put the activities in an order, then made a little catch phrase and notation to represent a rhythm that captured the essence of the activity. We keep on practicing the song that we put together every day until we got it perfect.
I am multistructural because I can identify beat in many contexts and I can keep the beat 
for other people by hitting a drum for the beat. My next step is to understand the purpose of beat

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