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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Mountain biking

Mountain biking
Sharp turns make me break frantically. 
I speed through the forest, as fast as my little legs can take me, so I can catch up with the person in front of me.
Biking on the bumpy ground jolts me around.
A strong wind skims past my face.
Steep hills await my approach.
Splashing through the stream chills my feet. I feel alive!


  1. Your writing is very descriptive I felt like I was there when I read your writing it seems like you have explained very well what it was like a picture suddenly appeared in my mind I loved reading your moutaining biking poam because I wasn't on camp when you went mountain biking.

  2. Liam, I really like the way you write your sentences, in my mind they come to life.
    “Sharp turns make me break frantically”,The way you say that, makes a image in my mind making you frantically break on sharp turns on your bike.

  3. This is very good Liam the sentence sharp turns make me break frequently reminds me of when I go biking with my dad