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Monday, 9 May 2016

Discovery time reflection

Today at discovery time I  did an overcoat of my Tukutuku panel and then helped
Charlie paint the futuristic Cogsworth.

The role I played was working as a team because I helped him paint the control panel and the clock. 

A strategy I used was to paint at the same time as Charlie so we got the job done faster. When we painted the Clock we had to be careful of the time that Charlie had written on the clock so we didn't  paint over it all. 

I showed a growth mindset when I joined Charlie to paint cogsworth, because something I have learnt is you don't just have fun with your best friends, you can have fun with anybody.

A struggle for me was that it took so long to dry. We could not paint all of futuristic Clogsworth in one session.

Next discovery time Charlie and I will hopefully finish painting futuristic Cogsworth.

Overall, this discovery time was pretty good in terms of a bigger friendship.

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  1. Wow Liam, thinking thru things to use your time efficiently & being able to work with new friends are great skills to have! I'm looking foward to seeing your overcoat.