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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Arts blog

Arts blog
Trip to town
On Monday our class went to the central city which was exciting for most but I live in the city so nothing was new for me. We went to the Art Gallery and there we saw a single pin on a canvas and when we went to the Margaret Mahy playground we got to play. We also got to see some sculptures and murals.

I think the trip would've been even better if we had more time at the play playground.

I wonder what the pin meant or if it meant anything at all.

On Thursday my group and I made a song with things in the class.
 I got two wooden rulers and rubbed them together Harry bounced a basketball and Larrisa shook a shaker that she made with sprinkles.

I think our song was the best because we did not just have drums.

I wonder what else we could do if we had more time?

On Thursday we got put in groups and my group did drama in the middle of the whole the we had to go and perform to another class because a kid in our group was not participating so that was annoying. We had to be a ballerina, robots and rockstar.

I think the thing in front of the class was embarrassing but it was ok.

I wonder what the class thought about our performance?

Activity: coin run piggy bank
Who with: Sean and I 
Where we will work: art table in room 13
What we need: tin can and plastic tube, craft knife and a hot glue gun and hot glue ,drill 
Steps 1. Cut tube in half on a angle     2. Glue both together in a v shape     3.cut hole in tin with a drill . 4. Slide tube in hole and glue it after that spray paint it.
Our key competency is to share responsibilities and relate to others.

This term we have looking at sculptures and we even done some research about a chosen sculpture. 

Sean and I got in a group and started make a coin run piggy bank.

First of all I went to Darren and got the tin cut, Then I cut the plastic tube in half and I glued it on. We spray painted it but it was not finished because it did not stand up so I took it home and finished it off. 

If I was to change anything I would get my buddy to do some more.

Today we started taking photos to try capture the heart of Waimairi our school we got to take selfies with a buddy and then we had to take a photo that we think shows the heart of Waimairi.

I think we need to take more class relatable things not selfies of us and our besties.

I wonder how everyone's photos capture the heart of Waimairi?

Calendar art
For my calendar art I did the Jordan's logo because I like basketball it is so fun and it is my favourite sport. We got the choice of a silhouette like I did, a tukutuku pattern or a paper maché sort of thing. How I made it was I got a image and then I sketched it out and coloured it in, then stuck it on the coloured paper what went well is the sketched.

Money shot
This is my money shot. I think this is a photo that captures the heart of Waimairi school because it shows everyone working in the classroom and I think it shows hard thinking and determination.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Fishing (SIGH), I have NEVER had a good time fishing. Well, not never, but I have not had a good experience with fish and it is NOT MY FAULT

When I hear we are going fishing most of the time I want to run to my room and hide in my bed with my teddy. Here is why:

I was once on a scenic tour on a boat over in Akaroa just this year on a camping holiday with my mum Lu. The man taking the tour bought along a fishing rod. On the the way back my brother and I had already caught a barracuda each and those fish were big like this big. Then a kawai took the bait. - the plastic fish with the sparkly firework looking in its mouth - at least that's what the bait looked like to me. The game was, on but I was standing beside watching my brother. The kawai won. I asked my brother, Finn, why the fish got off the hook. Fin said “he got exhausted” (eye roll) and what is EVEN worst is he stopped reeling the fish in the middle of the whole thing.

Another Bad fishing experience I can complain about, anyway, my Mum Lisa, my brother Finn and I were near Picton (at Anakiwa to be precise), fishing off a wharf. The biggest tug of the day was on my line! My face lit up and and I managed to reel it in. I was soooo proud that I, yes I had caught the fish that was 30 cm long or bigger. (Just in case you do not know, 30 cm is the size that it has to be to take home to eat.) My mum told me to keep it on the line to take a photo and after what felt like 3 hours of photos the fish jumped off :’(. I cried. I felt like running away. I was heartbroken, and still to this day I think about the fish that could've been in my tummy that night in the tent.

My 3rd and last fishing tale, we were still in Picton and we were kayaking and when we got far enough out we got out the fishing line and the bait which was a squid which is basically cannibalism if you think about it because a fish from the sea is going to be eating another fish species from the sea, anyway as soon as the hook hit the bottom a fish caught on. I reeled it in and we paddled into land to cheek the size. The fish was 29 CMS LONG! (Which is to small to keep) I was sad, really, really sad.
Fishing (SIGH), I have NEVER had a good time fishing and see, IT IS NOT MY FAULT!!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Sculpture Reflection

Sculpture Reflection
This term we have looking at sculptures and we even done some research about a chosen sculpture. 

Sean and I got in a group and started make a coin run piggy bank.

First of all I went to Darren and got the tin cut, Then I cut the plastic tube in half and I glued it on. We spray painted it but it was not finished because it did not stand up so I took it home and finished it off. 

If I was to change anything I would get my buddy to do some more

My inspiration was to make saving money fun

What went well is I think our sculpture looks pretty cool

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Science Blog

Week 9/10 Reflection 
These two weeks Hamish, Sean, Sam and I a designing a model of a playground. What is working well is that we are finished and it turned out pretty good. A struggle for me was that not everyone in the group pulled their weight. An improvement I could make would be to organise my group better and give them specific jobs to do and a time frame. My next step is to work with a person that is at the same level of working standard.

Week 9/10 
This week Hamish, Sean, Sam and I worked on our playground that I shows how everyday playground equipment uses push and pull.

I learnt that sometime our group get side tracked and don't help/ do their part. I also learnt that I should not let as many people use my hot glue gun. 

I wonder what would happen if our whole worked on the project at one time would we get work done.

Seesaw steps:1 get supplies. 
2 glue bottom layer of popsicle sticks together. 
3 glue the skewer in the middle of the popsicle sticks.
4. Get something that's a triangular shape to make it rock up and down.
5. Stick it on the base.

Flying fox steps: 1 get supplies
2 make a stand from pop sticks and stick the string to it.
3 make a climbing wall to get up to the flying fox.
4 put the seat on the string and make a stand for the other end.
5 stick it to the base.

Mouse wheel steps:1 get supplies 
2 glue  popsicle to the inside of can.
 3 slide toilet roll into can. 
4 cut some card to shape then glue to stop toilet roll coming out. 
5 glue to base   

Pond/pool steps:1 get supplies 
2. Hot glue plastic together.
 3 paint the plastic blue. 
4 stick to base 
5 put pebbles around the side. 

Slide steps:1 get supplies
2 fold the paper into the shape of a slide
3 glue popsicle stick to same size as paper.
4 glue the popsicle sticks on as the side 
5 glue to base and tower

Basketball hoop steps:1 get supplies
2 stick pop sticks and cardboard together to make the pole and backboard.
3 stick the wire to the backboard to make the rim.
4 stick the net to the wire.

Swing steps:1 get supplies. 
2 glue sticks into v shape with a little bit of space to put a skewer in and do it twice.
3 glue a skewer to connect them together. 
4 glue two pieces of string a cap and do it again. 
5 glue string to skewer and glue to base.

Bench in steps:1 get supplies
2 make a L shape with the pop sticks.
3 make the stools and stick them on.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


Science blog
Week 8 
What is force.
Force is a way of power that can be used as a movement, you either have a push force or a pull force, a push force is where a balloon is let go it starts applying a push force and it propels across the room. An example of a pull force is in a tug of war game, where both teams are pulling as hard as they can and making tension together. A force can make an object change shape like a hot knife through butter. Gravity is one of the strongest forces that keeps everyone one earth. The gravitational force from the moon is a secondary force that makes waves occur but the earth's gravity keeps water on earth. 

Balloon rocket 
Today Hamish, Cooper, Jacob, Thomas R and I worked on our balloon rocket to make these rocket balloons you will need a straw string tape and a balloon you tape the string to  solid object then thread the other end of the string through the straw and tape up that end of string to another solid object. Blow up the balloon tape to the straw and let go and go again and again. We changed some variables to make the rocket better like more balloons but that made it worse logger string different balloons. We changed to one torpedo balloon and it went faster than 4 party balloons. We proved that the torpedo balloons are much faster, when the string length was 3m and we used a normal party balloon our fastest time was 0.98 seconds from start to finish, when our string length was 7.5m and we used torpedo balloon our fastest time was 1.08 seconds from start to finish. The torpedo balloon flew further in basically the same time. This activity uses a push force when the balloon is let go and applies a force that propels it along. 

We learnt that the torpedo balloons are much faster than normal party balloons the reason why this is true is because it is more aerodynamic and the air comes to faster. I wonder what would happen if the torpedo balloon x2 size would it be faster?

I can use this learning to make a playground that shows push and pull with your everyday playground things.

Week 7  15/6/17
Today Hamish, Leon, Oliver, Cooper and I made a mini golf course out of pens pencils, pencil cases, wood and glue sticks we all got it in the ball in the cups it took a some time to get the hang of it. I learnt that the best angle was about 40 degrees to hit up the side of the ramp for it to fall down to go in the cups. Something tricky for us was the ramp was thin & the ball fell off because it was made of a ruler. I wonder if I made the gap bigger in the jump that I made would the ball still make it over?

Week 6
I today I had the choice of a chair pulley, basketball bounce or a ping pong ramp, I chose the chair pulley that takes a basket from one chair to another. I did this with Leon and Ollie N first, we were doing what everyone was doing which was a 180 degree angle. Then we decided to experiment & made some changes. We tried it on a 45 degree angle. We found out that you can do a chair pulley on a 45 degree angle and it will still work, as well as it does at a 180 degree angle. I found it very tricky to tie the knot to make a full loop.  I wonder if you can do a vertical pulley up a tree?

Week 5
Rocket balloon Hamish and I made the the rocket balloons made of string tape a balloon and a straw and we got the second best time from start to finish we got about 0.65. We got it right the first time. Hamish and I work at the jelly bean table.  We found out that the less air in the balloon the more acceleration the reason this is true is that the pressure comes faster and it is a burst of the last air there is. I wondered if there was a straw in the balloon will it go faster because less space for pressure to come out. At the end of the session kiri came around and gathered the data for our best time, string length, balloon size,

Week 4
Catapult Oliver Jackson and I made catapult out of Popsicle sticks rubber bands 
and spoons we band up sticks of 4 Popsicle sticks each put the logs together then put a spoon on the log on top and then we are ready to fire with ammunition being cotton balls ours sort of work I think our ball went 30cm . I learnt that if you rubber bands on the cotton ball it will go further than a normal cotton ball. I wonder if we change the size on the catapult x2 will go further. 

Monday, 26 June 2017

High ropes

Camp high ropes 
We have arrived the high ropes course. We have to have safety gear on before we are allowed on the bark. The  group and I sit on a log and get asked some questions then we get put into smaller groups and start to climb. I belay first and do pretty well the it is my turn to climb.

Standing on the wire I am frozen in time, fear claps me in its sharp hands, I can’t move at all, I almost slip and fall. I can hear people yelling at me to go further, I’m scared, I wish I could fly right in this moment.

I feel like the belayer does not have me, if I slip I will fall and break a bone or two. Once I finish I feel disappointed that I did not go further than I could've, at least I went higher than some others.

Monday, 12 June 2017


It is game day I am pulled out of the boot bag and the bright lights show
my shiny clean lime green and pink with the common three black stripes with no mud at all sweat on the inside and a couple of scratches on the outside.
I am happy and a little disgusted by my owner he wears me a lot but he gets sweaty and stinky. He wears me in the winter and I think he likes the job that I do.

I am put on the leg strap, pull up the socks, the last bit of light is covered by the red socks. At the end of the match at home the socks are peeled off and then me, I am put in the sun to dry off for another day.